Sports Day 2001 Sep. 23 2001
1. Opening Address 開会の言葉 1. Children's Entrance 園児入場
2. Children's Entrance 園児入場 2. Lowering of the Flag 国旗降納
3. Children's Greeting 園児代表あいさつ 3. Distribution of Gifts and Medals メダル授与
4. National Anthem 国旗掲揚 4. Comments by the P.T.A. president 父母の会会長挨拶
5. Greeting by the Director 理事長あいさつ and BANZAI SANSHO 及び万歳三唱
6. Greeting by Our Special Guest 来賓あいさつ 5. Closing Address 閉会のことば
7. Warm-Up 準備体操    
1 Competition(競技) Foot Race(徒競走) Angel Class
2 Competition(競技) Foot Race(徒競走) Noah Class
3 Competition(競技) Foot Race(徒競走) Comet Class
4 Competition(競技) Foot Race(徒競走) Pegasus Class
5 Dance(ダンス) Hop Rabbit Angel Class
6 Team Game(団技) Paper,Scissors,Stone Special Guests and Grandparents
7 Team Game(団技) Truck Driver Noah Class
8 Dance(ダンス) Karma Chameleon Mothers and Children
9 Competition(競技) Foot Race(徒競走) Children from the Audience
10 Team Game(団技) Trolley , Slowly Angel and Parents
11 Cheer Leading(チアリーダー応援) Respect ! Comet and Pegasus Girls
12 Dance(ダンス) MAMBO NO.5 Noah Class
13 Team Game(団技) Obstacle Race(障害物競走) Comet and Pegasus Class
14 Competition(競技) Relay(リレー) Noah Class
15 Team Game(親子団技) Three-Legged Race(二人三脚) Noah,Comet,Pegasus and Parents
16 Competition(競技) Relay(リレー) Parents and Teachers
17 Dance(ダンス) Club Disney Comet and Pegasus Class
18 Competition(競技) Relay(リレー) Comet Class
19 Competition(競技) Relay(リレー) Pegasus Class


Entrance     Every child 's name is called one by one.  一人ずつ名前が呼ばれます
Relay      Every body is so excited ! 全力疾走 !
Obstacle Race     Enjoy and excite ! みんな真剣です
Dance-Club Disney    Beautiful and so Great ! 本日1番の感動の演技
Cheer   Wow ! Miss Universe !  かわいい演技にみんな元気づけられます。



They are given medals and presents.  頑張った!表彰!
卒園生にとっては最後のSPORTS DAYでしたね。たのしい思い出がたくさんできたことと思います。